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Which Trusted Trader


Which Trusted Trader

A Global Conservatory Roof guarantees high quality and exceptional performance. 


Roof Glazing

There are a number of glazing options avaliable to meet all budgets. Most roofs are glazed using polycarbonate sheets. These come in a clear, opal or bronze finish. We only use the best avaliable which is 35mm multi chamber sheets. We also add a solar control layer which helps keep things cool in the summer and retain the heat in winter.

The other option is to fit 28mm glass sealed units. Again depending on budget the choices are endless. They start from standard double glazed units upon which you can add a low E coating to improve the efficiency. Further upgrade options include anti – sun glass (grey or blue finishes avaliable), solar active with self cleaning properties (blue or neutral finish), or an argon gas filling to any option to improve the glass efficiency even further.

Our trained advisors will be more than happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of any of the above options with you.

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